Angelica P. Baldos

Assistant Professor

Affiliate Faculty of Soil Science based at Department of Forestry

[email protected]
PhD in Forest soil ecologyUniversity of Goettingen
M.Sc. in Forest Science and Forest EcologyUniversity of Goettingen
BS in ForestryVisayas State University
  • DAAD Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Bernhard Ulrich Foundation Research Grant
  • Forestry Board Exam Topnotcher (Rank 1)
  • Elected member, Phi Delta Honor Society of Science

Baldos, A.P., Corre, M.D.,E.Veldkamp. 2015. Responses of N cycling to nutrient inputs in forest soils across a 1000- to 3000-m elevation gradient in the Ecuadorian Andes. Ecology 96(3):749–761

Baldos, A.P and R.A. Villarin. 2017. Soil nitrogen dynamics in a mixed - species tree plantation and a lowland secondary forest. Journal of Society and Technology 7(1):38-45

Baldos, A.P and R.V. Rallos. 2019. Indications of enhanced soil ecosystem functions in polyculture reforested grassland. Annals of Tropical Research 41(1):32-44

Baldos, A.P. In review. Soil Organic Carbon Stock Assessment in a Grassland and a Polyculture Tree Plantation. Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology

Come, R.S. and A. P. Baldos. 2018. Carbon Stocks Assessment of Various Land –Uses in A Marginal Land. Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology 6:201-207