Anabella B. Tulin

Anabella B. Tulin

University Professor

Department of Soil Science

  • Soil chemistry and Plant Nutrition
PhD Soil Science (Soil Chemistry & Mineralogy)Iwate University, Japan
MS in Soil Science (Soil Chemistry)University of the Philippines Los Baños
BS in Agriculture (Soil Science)Visayas State College of Agriculture (now VSU)
  • Exemplary Academician - Visayas State University (2012)
  • SEARCA Professorial Chair Award - SEARCA, Laguna (2013)
  • Outstanding Researcher Award - Visyas State University (2010)
  • Achievement Award - Phil Society of Soil Science and Technology (2009)
  • William D. Dar Research and Development Award - PCARRD Scholars Association Inc. (2010)
  • AFMA R and D Award - DA-BAR (2011)
  • Monbusho PhD Scholarship Award - Japan (1992-95)

Sueta, J.P.; Asio, V.B.; Tulin, A.B. 2007. Chemical dynamics of a highly weathered soil under native tree species in Mt. Pangasugan, Leyte. Annals of Tropical Research 29: 73-89.

Tulin A.B. 2008. Application of macro and micro nutrients increases purple yam yield. Agriculture 12(3): 56-57

Tulin, A.B., V.B. Asio, D.M. Campilan and S. Kawai. 2004. Characterization of nutrient deficiency symptoms in sweetpotato through farmer-scientist participatory approach. Annals of Tropical Research 26: 141-167

Tulin A.B. 2000. Surface charge characteristics of selected Philippine soils. Annals of Tropical Research 22: 60-77

Tulin, A.B., Asio, V.B., Pardales, J.R. and Campilan, D. 1999. Establishing nutrient deficiency symptoms in sweetpotato. UPWARD Fieldnotes 8: 9-11

Bautista-Tulin A. and K. Inoue. 1997. Hydroxy-interlayered minerals in Japanese soils influenced by eolian deposition. Soil Science Soc. Am. J. 61: 631-640.

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