Angelica P. Baldos

Angelica P. Baldos

Assistant Professor

Department of Soil Science

PhD in Forest soil ecologyUniversity of Goettingen
M.Sc. in Forest Science and Forest EcologyUniversity of Goettingen
BS in ForestryVisayas State University
  • DAAD Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Bernhard Ulrich Foundation Research Grant
  • Forestry Board Exam Topnotcher (Rank 1)
  • Elected member, Phi Delta Honor Society of Science

Baldos, A.P., Corre, M.D.,E.Veldkamp. 2015. Responses of N cycling to nutrient inputs in forest soils across a 1000- to 3000-m elevation gradient in the Ecuadorian Andes. Ecology 96(3):749–761

Baldos, A.P and R.A. Villarin. 2017. Soil nitrogen dynamics in a mixed - species tree plantation and a lowland secondary forest. Journal of Society and Technology 7(1):38-45

Baldos, A.P and R.V. Rallos. 2019. Indications of enhanced soil ecosystem functions in polyculture reforested grassland. Annals of Tropical Research 41(1):32-44

Baldos, A.P. In review. Soil Organic Carbon Stock Assessment in a Grassland and a Polyculture Tree Plantation. Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology

Come, R.S. and A. P. Baldos. 2018. Carbon Stocks Assessment of Various Land –Uses in A Marginal Land. Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology 6:201-207

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