Catherine C. Arradaza

Catherine C. Arradaza

Assistant Professor

Department of Horticulture

PhD in HorticultureUniversity of the Philippines Los Baños
MS in HorticultureVisayas State University
BS in AgricultureVisayas State College of Agriculture (now VSU)

Pacaldo FO and Arradaza CC. 2021. Influence of Plant Growth Regulators and UV Light Exposure on the Formation and Phenolic Content of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni Callus: A Preliminary Study. Annals of Tropical Research 43(2):88-101

Arradaza CC, Zara RR, Gonzaga RAM & Cedo MO. 2019. Photoperiod Influenced Flowering and Steviol Glycoside Accumulation in Stevia Under In-vitro and Ex-vitro Condition. The Thailand Natural History Museum Journal. 13(2): 103-116

Acedo VZ and Arradaza CC. 2012. Development of In Vitro Slow Growth Culture for Yam (Dioscoreaalata L.). Annals of Tropical Research 34(1):79-95. VSU, Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines

Acedo VZ, Arradaza CC & Atilano CD. 2007.Microtuber Production in Dioscoreaalata L. Variety ‘VU-2’ as Affected by Growth Regulators. Journal of Rootcrops 33(2):88-96

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