The Department of Horticulture at VSU is a center of excellence for instruction, research and extension in horticulture playing a lead role in the development of the fruit, ornamental, vegetable and plantation crop industries in the Visayas. Offers HORTICULTURE as a major field of specialization in the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSA), Master of Science (MS), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) programs of the Visayas State University.

Our Academic Staff

Catherine C. Arradaza, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Marilou M. Benitez, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Joy C. Codog
Malvin B. Datan
Dario P. Lina, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dhenber C. Lusanta
Arsenio D. Ramos, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Rosario A. Salas, Ph.D.
Department Head
Roden D. Troyo
Assistant Professor
Aljay D. Valida
Assistant Professor
Santos B. Villocino Jr., Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Retired professors

Dr. Antonio L. Acedo Jr.
Dr. Rebecco M. Santiago
Prof. Elizabeth Briones

About Us



focuses on the generation of suitable technologies and training of technical manpower for a competitive tropical fruit industry

Contact Person: Prof. Paciano T. Quirol



Plantation Horticulture

addresses critical issues and concerns towards the development of appropriate technologies and technical manpower for the modernization of plantation crop industries with emphasis on abaca, coconut, coffee and cacao

Contact Person: Prof. Arsenio D. Ramos




aims at developing the full potential of the region’s resources for the effective, efficient and sustainable production of high-value vegetables

Contact Person: Dr. Rosario Salas


Ornamental Horticulture

leads in the development and advancement of the region’s ornamental industry

Contact Person: Prof. Elizabeth D. Briones



Nursery Culture

deals with the commercial propagation of important horticultural crops using traditional tools and micropropagation techniques

Contact Person: Prof. Enrique R. Alcober



Postharvest Horticulture

concerns with the preservation of the quality of harvested horticultural produce

Contact Person: Dr. Antonio L. Acedo, Jr.




  1. Project Title: Protective Cultivation of High Value Vegetables Under Different Crop Rotation Schemes and Culture System
  2. Project Title: National Cooperative Testing for Solanaceous Crops
  3. Project Title: National Cooperative Testing for Vegetable Legumes


The Department’s main extension program is the “Horticulture for Environment & Livelihood Promotion (HELP)” Program with Prof. Paciano T. Quirol as Program Leader. Its components are as follows:

  • Project 1: Ornamental and Cutflower Industry Development Project
  • Contact Person: Prof. Elizabeth D. Briones – Officer-In-Charge

  • Project 2: Vegetable Industry Development Project
  • Contact Person:

  • Project 3: Fruit Industry Development Project
  • Contact Person: Prof. Paciano T. Quirol – Officer-In-Charge

  • Project 4: Plantation Crop Industry Development Project
  • Contact Person: Prof. Asenio D. Ramos – Officer-In-Charge


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