The Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the fields of genetic resources and plant breeding ensuring a balance between utilization and conservation. Improvement in the structure and content of our major program considered the need for the students to be kept abreast with current demands, trends and developments in the field of plant breeding. Plant Breeding is applied plant genetics hence the need to strike a balance between theory and practice. The theoretical aspects of plant breeding is reinforced by instituting genetics courses while practical skills are enhanced by institution of Methods in Plant Breeding and offering a Field Practice Option. The program recognizes also emerging interests in plant genetic resources and is updated according to current requirements and preparations for advanced degrees in Plant Breeding, Genetics, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and in Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Management.

Our Academic Staff

Trishia Jade C. Acilo
Part-time Instructor
Jovannemar P. Anire
Lisa I. Arce
Affiliate Faculty
Marissa B. Barbosa
Rodolfo G. Escalada, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Jedi Joy Mahilum
Luz O. Moreno, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Mary Ann A. Munda
Part-time Instructor
Julien R. Deroy

Retired professors

Dr. Jose L. Bacusmo
Dr. Othello B. Capuno (deceased)
Dr. Florencio A. Saladaga (breeder of the first VSP varieties) (deceased)
Dr. Rodrigo F. Sebidos (deceased)

About Us


Plant Genetic Resources

concerned with collection, identification, characterization, evaluation, conservation and maintenance of plant genetic resources

Contact Person:

(053)335-2696 (office)

Plant Breeding

focuses on crop improvement and cultivar development of various agronomic, horticultural and forest species

Contact Person: Othello B. Capuno, Ph.D.

(053)335-2629 (office)

(053)335-2754 (home)


  1. Project Title: Protective Cultivation of High Value Vegetables Under Different Crop Rotation Schemes and Culture System
  2. Project Title: National Cooperative Testing for Solanaceous Crops
  3. Project Title: National Cooperative Testing for Vegetable Legumes


  • Cytogenetics Laboratory
  • Tissue Culture Laboratory
  • Isozyme Laboratory
  • DNA Analysis Laboratory
  • Experimental Fields
  • Seed Storage Facility
  • Screen houses
  • Field house


  • Plant Breeder
  • Researcher
  • Instructor/Teacher
  • Seed Quality Inspector
  • Proprietor of a seed company
  • Technical Sales representative
  • Farm supervisor
  • Community-based extension worker
  • Agricultural technologist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Some of the companies and institutions that employ Plant Breeders are: BIOSEEDS, Monsanto, PhilRice, IRRI, East-West Seed Company, Syngenta Seed, Pioneer Seed Company, etc.
  • Other universities also employ Plant Breeders in academic and technical positions.
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