Dionesio M. Bañoc

Luz G. AsioDionesio M. Bañoc, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Agronomy
  • Rice Ratooning
  • Water and Nutrient Management Systems
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    PhD in Bio-Agricultural SciencesNagoya University, Nagoya City, Japan2000
    MS in Bio-Agricultural SciencesNagoya University, Nagoya City, Japan1997
    Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Agronomy)Visayas State College of Agriculture (now VSU)1984

    Bañoc, et. al. 2000. Dry matter production and root system development of rice cultivars under fluctuating soil moisture. Plant Prod. Sci. 3(2):197-201.

    Bañoc, et. al. 2000. Genotypic variations in response of lateral root development to fluctuating soil moisture in rice. Plant Prod. Sci. 3(3) 335-343.

    Pardales, et. al. 2000. The effect of soil moisture fluctuation on root development during the establishment phase of sweet potato. Plant Prod. Sci. 3(2): 134-139.

    Pardales, et. al. 1999. Root system development of cassava and sweet potato during early growth stage as affected by high root zone temperature. Plant Prod. Sci. 2: 247-251.

    Yano, et. al. 1999. Time course changes in thermal images of cassava canopy with cutting the adventitious roots. Comparison between cultivars uder different soil water conditions. Rep. Tokai Br. Crop Sci. Japan. 127: 19-22.

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