Felix J. Amestoso

Felix J. Amestoso


Department of Food Science and Technology

  • Food Science
  • Food Engineering/Product
  • Process Development/Food Extrusion/Rheology
PhD in Food Science/Ag. Eng’gUniversity of the Philippines Los Baños
MS in Applied Science in Food EngineeringUniversity of New South Wales, Australia
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural EngineeringVisayas State College of Agriculture(now VSU)

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Tan, D.L.S., G.G. Sebial and F.J. Amestoso. 2007. Optimization of the factors affecting the drying rate of cassava grates in a rotary drum dryer. ATR. Vo. 29 (2).

Amestoso, F.J. and A.L. Dignos. 1992. Small-scale equipment for processing food products from cassava. In Product Development for Root and Tuber Crops. CIP and ViSCA, ViSCA, Philippines.

Amestoso, F.J. , V.D. Truong and A.L. Dignos. 1992. Processing of Dried Cassava Grates for Food Utilization. In Proceedings of the Fourth ASEAN Food Conference. Feb. 17-21, 1992, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Amestoso, F.J., J.R. Roa and V.D. Truong. 1989. Sweetpotato Marketing in Selected Centers in the Philippines. Working Paper No. 89-17. In the Potato and Sweet Potato in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Region. The International Potato Center. Southeast Asia and the Pacific Regional Office, Philippines.

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