Inish Chris P. Mesias

Inish Chris P. Mesias

Assistant Professor

Department of Food Science and Technology

  • Food Safety and Quality
  • Food Chemistry/Food Analysis
Master of Science in Food Science & TechnologyVisayas State University
Bachelor of Science in Food Technology (Cum Laude)Visayas State University
  • NFP – KOP Fellowship Award for the course of Governance and Food Safety in International Food Chains
  • 1st place, Poster Presentation during the 6th Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources Research and Development Scholars Association, Inc. Biennial Convention
  • Outstanding Research and Development Project during the 24th Regional Research and Development/Extension Symposium

Mesias, I.C. P., 2018. Quantitative Risk Assessment of E. coli in Street-vended Cassava based Delicacies in the Philippines. IOP Conference Series. earth Environ. Sci. 102012004

Mesias, I.C.P., D.L.S. Tan, J.D. Tan, B.J. Cinto, Jr. 2017. Effect of Drying Methods on the Physico-Chemical Characteristics and Antioxidant Capacity of Taro, Sweetpotato, Stevia and Malunggay Leaves. Annals of Tropical Research. 39(2).88-89.

Mesias, I.C.P. & J.D. Tan, 2015. Moisture Sorption Characteristics and Isosteric Heat of Sorption of Dried Cassava Grates. Sustainable Drying Technologies for the New Ear: Proceedings of the 8th Asia-Pacific Drying Conference

Mesias, I.C.P. & J.D. Tan, 2015. Moisture Characteristics of Dried Cassava Grates. Journal of Society and Technology 5:152-161.

Mesias, I.C.P and J.D. Tan, 2014. Optimization and Evaluation of Efficiency of Virgin Coconut Oil Production through Fermentation Using Lactic Acid Bacteria Pure Culture. Journal of Society and Technology. 4:42-54

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