Rodolfo G. Escalada

Rodolfo G. Escalada

Professor Emeritus

Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics

  • Crop Physiology
  • Soil Fertility
  • Agronomy
PhD Agronomy and Soil ScienceUniversity of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii
MS in Plant BreedingUniversity of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii
BS in AgricultureUniversity of the Philippines Los Baños

Escalada, R. G. 1980. The practice of multiple cropping system in annual crops. Proc. of a seminar on comparative agricultural studies on biological production in the tropical and temperate regions. NODAI Res. Inst., Tokyo University of Agriculture 102-103.

Escalada, R. G. and D. L Plucknett. 1977. Ratoon cropping of sorghum. III. Effects of nitrogen and cutting height on ratoon performance. Agron. Journal. 69: 341-346.

Escalada, R. G. and B. C Ratilla. 1998. Effects of Leucaena biomass application in conjunction with fertilizers on cassava and taro yields in the Philippines. Agro-forestry Systems. 4(3): 251-266

Ratilla, B. C. and R. G. Escalada. 1989. Time of incorporation of field legume herbage and its influence on the growth and yield of upland rice. Phil. Journal of Crop Science

Plucknett, D. L., R. G. Escalada, and R. S. dela Peña. 1981. RAtoon cropping of rice and soghum recent advances. Madras Agricultural Journal Agric. College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Caimbatore, South India

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