Romel M. Garrido Jr.

Romel M. Garrido Jr.


Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics

  • Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources (Breeding for quality trait-protein content)
PhD candidate in Applied Plant Sciences (APS) with a specialization in Plant Breeding and Molecular GeneticsUniversity of Minnesota (UMN), Twin Cities, USA
MS Plant BreedingWageningen University, Netherlands
BSA Plant BreedingVisayas State University
  • Cum Laude (BS in Agriculture)
  • Netherlands Fellowship Program (NFP) - Master Degree
  • Philippine Agriculture and Resources Research Foundation Inc. (PARRFI) - Scholar

Klaassen MT, Dees DCT, Garrido RM, Báez JA, Schrijen M, Baldeón Mendoza PG, Trindade LM. 2020. Overexpression of a putative nitrate transporter (StNPF1.11) increases plant height, leaf chlorophyll content and tuber protein content of young potato plants. Functional Plant Biology 47(5):464-472

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