Ruth O. Escasinas

Ruth O. Escasinas


Department of Agronomy

  • Crop Physiology
  • Crop Production Management
PhD in AgronomyUniversity of the Philippines
MS in AgronomyVisayas State College of Agriculture (now VSU)
BS in Agricuture major in AgronomyVisayas State College of Agriculture (now VSU)
  • Publication Award (2011)
  • Keeper of Service Award
  • NCT Hybrid Rice Research (2013)
  • Loyalty Award

Escasinas, R. O. and O. B. Zamora. 2011. Agronomic Response of Lowland Rice PSBRC18 (Oryza sativa L.) to Different Water, Spacing and Nutrient Management. Phil-Journal of Crop Science 36(1):37-46

Escasinas, R. O. and V. Sauerborn. 1999. Agricultural Land use system on Apid Island, Inopacan, Leyte. Annals of Tropical Research 21:33-40

Escasinas, R. O., R. G. Escalada and R. M. Trenuela. 1998. Effects of different population densities and nitrogen levels on the yield and yield components on grin sorghum. Annals of Tropical Research 3(4):258-265

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