Ulysses A. Cagasan

Ulysses A. Cagasan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Agronomy

  • Crop production and management
  • Cropping system
PhD in AgronomyCentral Luzon State University
MS in AgronomyLeyte State University (now VSU)
BS in AgronomyVisayas State College of Agriculture (now VSU)

Ratilla, M. D. and U. A. Cagasan 2011. Growth and Yield Performance of Selected Lowland Rice Varieties under Alternate Wet and Dry Water Management. Annals of Tropical Research 33(2):2-14

Cagasan, U. A., J. L. Bacusmo and L. B. Laranang 2009. Development of Improved Sweetpotato Varieties in the Philippines.Science and Humanities Journal Vol. 9, (ISSN 0119-4909). (VSU), Visca, Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines

Cagasan, U.A. and B. A. Agarcio, Jr., 2004. Yield and Economic Returns of Peanut and Sweet Corn as Influenced by Timing of Planting the Crops in an Intercropping Scheme. Annals of Tropical Research 26 (1&2):1-21

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