Yolanda C. Mangaoang

Yolanda C. Mangaoang

Associate Professor

Department of Pest Management

  • Biological Control of Plant pathogen using fungal antagonists, Mushroom culture and Fungal diversity
Master of Science in Plant PathologyUniversity of the Philippines Los Baños
BS in AgricultureUniversity of the Philippines Los Baños
  • Outstanding Teacher’s Award - 81st VSU Anniversary Convocation (2005)

Noriel, L. M., Y. C. Mangaoang, R. A. Paningbatan, E. P. Parac and R. J. Salva. 2007. Survey and evaluation of promising mycoherbicids for the control of Asyang (Milcaniacordata) Ann. Trop. Res. 29 (1): 63-72

Palomar, M. K., Y. C., Mangaoang, V. G. Palermo, G. E. Escuadra and M. B. Posas. 1999. Evaluation of culture media for sporangial production of Phytophthoracolocasiaeand control of taro blight using fungal antagonists. Philipp. Phytopathol. 32 (1&2): 7-16

Quimio, T. H and Y. B. dela Cruz. 1982. Comparative studies on the Diplodia-like organisms from Philippine fruits. Philipp. Phytopathol. 18: 89-101.

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